what do I need for a 3 month wilderness camping trip for 3 people?


I am planning a camping trip at the end of the year in texas. We are going to be completely ruffing it with no running water other than what we bring or find naturally. No electricity or any other creature comforts. How do I plan for it? What do I need?


I cant agree more with C_Kayak_. You really need to ease into a trip of this duration and try out a weekend trip first with someone that’s been camping before to help you learn the ropes. Build up to a week long trip and know your gear as well as your own limitations before you should even think about planning an adventure like this. That having been reiterated…I’m Happy to hear that you have caught the camping bug. Its always a fantastic adventure to explore the great outdoors. You don’t mention but I take it that you’ll be disbursed camping with your car.

You probably already have a lot of stuff that you can use for camping in your house.

Here’s a short list of camping equipment:

Shelter – Tent, poles, stakes, ground sheet
Sleeping – Sleeping bag, sleeping pad
Essentials – Water bottles& water purification methods, waterproof matches/lighter, map & compass, basic first aid kit, whistle and/or signal mirror, nylon cord-50′, pocket knife, emergency blanket, extra food, extra clothing, sunglasses, sunscreen, water purification, headlamp or flashlight and extra batteries. Keep these items in your day pack when you go hiking and exploring.
Cooking – Stove, fuel, cook set, spoon/knife/fork set, biodegradable soap, scrub pad, food
Base camp accessories – Cooler/ice chest, water bag or large jug, dish pan, paper towels, lantern, storage containers for food, Ziploc bags, large spoon, knife, spatula, can opener, small whisk, small grater, hot pad holders, plate/bowl, cup, cutting board, aluminum foil, spice kit.
Miscellaneous – bandana, camera, binoculars, repair/sewing kit, fishing gear, journal/pen or pencil, reading material, nature guides, trail games, trowel, toilet paper, personal toiletries, lip balm, bug repellant, towel, day pack.

Make sure you take clothing appropriate for the climate you expect to encounter.
Inner Layer – wicking layer: long underwear top & bottom, liner socks, outer socks, t-shirt, shorts
Insulation Layer – Wool, synthetic or fleece shirt/sweater down/fiberfill jacket, wool or fleece pants, gloves, wool or fleece hat.
Protective layer – Rain/windproof jacket & pants, gaiters, hiking boots waterproofed, camp shoes, sun hat.
Happy Trails to you!



Texas not a good place for camping, if the critters don’t get you, the weather will.


You need water. That’s first and foremost. Katadyn Pocket is the only WTG for water, you can take water from where ever you find it, just run the hose straight to your camel back and you’re good to go. You’ll need a good survival hatchet to split and cut wood, a good knife to skin and clean game, a way to acquire game (snares, spears, live traps, guns, archery, slingshots, yada yada), some fire starting equipment (magnesium fire starters are great), a stone to maintain your blade edges, first aid gear, a tent, a sleeping bag, a pad, and a spare set of clothes if you don’t want to walk around nekkid while you’re washing your drawers in the creek. Flashlight would be nice to have, so would a GPS…

Wounded Duck

A dose of reality


The simple answer is that if you aren’t able to figure this out for yourself, you don’t have sufficient camping experience to undertake such a trip. That sort of extended outing is not something your prepare for by getting “tips” from strangers on an online forum. Sure, we can give you checklists and technical advice but we can’t “give” you good judgement and skill that can only be gained by repeat experience with the environment and conditions you will encounter.

Research the items you think you might need, buy or borrow them and then plan a one week trip to the area and “shake down” your gear. That is how ALL responsible and experienced adventurers plan and execute longer expeditions.

Newbies who plunge off into the wilderness with a pack full of gadgets and foodstuffs they have never used before usually come to some sort of grief, ranging from merely profound discomfort and boredom to outright fatal tragedy, sometimes affecting innocent rescue workers who are obliged to aid them. Having been one of those rescue workers in the past, I think I am entitled to tell you that your questions indicate you are not experienced enough to try this trip safely. Roll back your ambitions and learn what you are doing first, like the rest of us did, by trial and error on more modest outings, preferably in the company of someone who can teach you.

chris w

1. Texas is having the worst drought ever on record so with water being the priority find a location that has plenty to start with. Good luck with that.

2. 3 people consume a lot of food either plan for bringing in a 3×3 month supply or know how to fish hunt and gather, finding fish and game requires the proper permits and knowing where to look see point 1.

3. National Forests and Parks, BLM lands, State and County lands have a 15 day limitation on where you can camp so figure out where you can spend a three month stretch and stay with in the 15 day limit and also comply with point number 1 and 2.

Again good luck!

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